Pocketful of Miracles (1961)

Pocketful of Miracles poster

Franton Productions
 Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Hope Lange
Directed by: Frank Capra

Synopsis: A remake of Capra’s much earlier film Lady for a Day from 1933 which was based on a short story by Damon Runyan.  Dave the Dude (Glenn Ford) is a well-known New York bootlegger and hood who considers the apples sold by “Apple Annie” (Bette Davis) to bring him good luck.  When Annie has a personal crisis regarding her daughter, who does not know Annie is a beggar, Dave and his pals set out to make everything right for her.

Kitty Cameo: As in the original the cat appears only briefly in this film, laying across a photograph of Annie’s daughter.

Pocketful of Miracles - orange tabby cat lying on photo

Annie sees this and pushes the cat away, scolding it.  The cat in question could very well be Orangey in a bit part, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

Pocketful of Miracles - orange tabby cat being pushed off photo

Final Mewsings: Cats lie pretty much anywhere they please.

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