Lady for a Day (1933)

Lady for a Day DVD

Columbia Pictures Corporation
 May Robson, Warren William, Guy Kibbee, Ned Sparks
Directed by: Frank Capra

Synopsis: Based on a short story by Damon Runyan.  Apple Annie (May Robson) is a well-known peddler of apples in New York City.  She is favored in particular by a gambler named Dave the Dude (Warren William) who finds that her apples bring him good luck.  Annie has been keeping up correspondence with her daughter (Jean Parker), fabricating stories about her life in high society.  But when her daughter announces she is coming to New York with her fiancé Carlos (Barry Norton) and his father, Count Romero (Walter Connolly), Annie is in danger of her true life being exposed.

Purr Blur: The first time we see Apple Annie return to her small home, she puts on a record, drinks some liquor and prepares to write a letter to her daughter.

Lady for a Day cat

She begins to scold a cat which is sitting on a framed photo of her daughter on the dresser, then brushes the cat away.

Lady for a Day cat scoot

Final Mewsings: An apple a day won’t keep cats away.

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