The Old Maid’s Valentine (1900)

George Albert Smith Films
 Laura Bayley
Directed by: George Albert Smith

Synopsis: An old maid receives an unexpected and rather shocking Valentine.

Featured Feline: This short silent film features the same cat which appeared in Grandma’s Reading Glass.  Since the films made by George Albert Smith often included family members and friends it’s safe to say the cat was probably a member of the family household.

The Old Maid's Valentine - cat sitting on table

It is also a likely speculation that Smith may have come up with the trick of rubbing some kind of food or substance on the cat’s paws to get to sit and lick itself so calmly throughout the course of the short.

The Old Maid's Valentine - cat still sitting on table

Final Mewsings: Cats have no interest in Valentines, shocking or otherwise.

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