Grandma’s Reading Glass (1900)

George Albert Smith Films
Directed by: George Albert Smith

Synopsis: A boy (Harold Smith) uses his grandmother’s magnifying glass to look at various objects, including a newspaper, a bird, grandma’s eye and a cat.

Featured Feline: While the cat is not the star of this piece she is certainly a featured player (we deduce the cat is a she because she is wearing a ribbon.)  The cat seems only mildly interested as the boy looks at her through the magnifying glass (which doesn’t so much magnify as just focus on the subjects at hand.)

Grandma's Reading Glass cat

She is a lovely cat with beautiful markings and it’s a terrific early film appearance.  George Albert Smith was a true pioneer of the early film industry, introducing editing techniques and camera angles and tricks still used by filmmakers today.

Grandma's Reading Glass cat leaving

Final Mewsings: Cats always warrant a closer look!

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