Pudgy and the Lost Kitten (1938)

Looney Tunes Collection DVD

Fleischer Studios
Directed by:
 Dave Fleischer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Betty Boop’s puppy Pudgy spots Myron the kitten lost and hungry outside.  He brings the kitten inside for food and comfort but soon tires when his young charge eats everything in sight and won’t leave Pudgy alone.

Cartoon Cats: This was the second appearance by black kitten Myron and his mother in a Betty Boop cartoon (the first was in Happy You and Merry Me).  Poor little Myron is hungry but can’t get the last little bit of milk out of a bottle.

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten - Pudgy pets Myron the kitten

Pudgy comes to the kitten’s rescue and explains the situation to Betty, who gets Myron a nice big fish.  Myron devours the fish almost immediately.

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten - Pudgy explains to Betty Boop about Myron the lost kitten

But Myron’s still hungry and turns his attention to Pudgy’s bowl of food which he devours straight away.

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten - Myron the kitten eats Pudgy's food

Pudgy is frustrated and gets out an old bone he has hidden in the floorboards.  But Myron wants to play and jumps on Pudgy’s tail, scaring him.

Pudgy has finally had it when Myron not only wants to share his bed but steals all of Betty’s attention away as well!  Pudgy looks for and find Myron’s mama who comes running to claim her wayward kitten.  They are happily reunited, that is until Mama gives Myron a stern paddling!

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten - Myron the kitten bothers Pudgy

Final Mewsings: Kittens are cute but they will take over your home!

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