Happy You and Merry Me (1936)

Looney Tunes Collection DVD

Fleischer Studios
Directed by:
 Dave Fleischer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Myron the kitten chases a fly into Betty Boop’s home where Betty and her puppy Pudgy are playing music on the piano.  Myron gets into a box of candy and overindulges while Myron’s mama searches frantically for her baby.

Cartoon Cats: This was the first of two appearances by black kitten Myron and his mother in a Betty Boop cartoon (the second would be in Pudgy and the Lost Kitten).  Myron is an adorably animated little kitty whose curiosity gets the better of him when he chases after a fly.

Happy You and Merry Me - Myron kitten and fly

When Myron discovers an unattended box of candy, he leaps in after the fly but soon realizes how delicious the sweets are and proceeds to eat too much.  When Betty and Pudgy find Myron he is in agony.

Happy You and Merry Me - Myron kitten sick with Betty Boop and Pudgy

Betty sends Pudgy to the drugstore with a request to fetch a box of catnip.  As Pudgy returns he isn’t aware that some of the catnip is spilling out of the box, but Myron’s mama catches a whiff and chases Pudgy back to Betty’s house where Mama and baby are reunited.

Happy You and Merry Me - Myron kitten and Mama cat reunited

The short ends with Mama cat picking up Myron by the scruff and Myron picking up the box of catnip.  As they head home all the cats in the neighborhood follow them in a state of euphoria.

Happy You and Merry Me - happy cats on catnip

Final Mewsings: Catnip may not cure all ills but kitties don’t care!

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