The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

The Great Mouse Detective DVD

Walt Disney Pictures
 Barrie Ingham, Vincent Price, Val Bettin
Directed by: Ron Clements and John Musker

Synopsis: Dr. David Q. Dawson (voiced by Val Bettin) comes across a lost little girl named Olivia (voiced by Susanne Pollatschek) who is looking for her kidnapped father.  She seeks the help of the great mouse detective, Basil of Baker Street (Barrie Ingham) who realizes that Olivia’s case is connected with his arch nemesis, Professor Ratigan (deliciously voiced by Vincent Price.)

Bad Kitty: Professor Ratigan heads a crime organization made up of mice and becomes infuriated if anyone insinuates he, himself, is a rat.  When he wants to eliminate someone, Ratigan simply rings a little bell which summons his enormous pet cat Felicia.  By the looks of it, Ratigan must get angry often and Felicia never goes hungry.

The Great Mouse Detective Felicia and Ratigan

Felicia is involved in Ratigan’s dastardly plan to take over Buckingham Palace and is looking forward to munching on the Mouse Queen herself!  Fortunately Toby, the bassett hound, shows up in time to chase Felicia away.  She thinks she outsmarts Toby by climbing a wall out of his reach, but gets her comeuppance when she hops down to the other side . . . right into the Royal Guard Dogs enclosure.

The Great Mouse Detective Felicia prepares to eat the Queen

Final Mewsings: Further proof that cats can be trained when the right incentives are offered.

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