The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)

The Incredible Shrinking Man DVD

Universal International Pictures (UI)
 Grant Williams, Randy Stuart, William Schallert, Paul Langton
Also starring: Orangey
Directed by: Jack Arnold

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Based on Richard Matheson’s novel (with a screenplay by Matheson himself.)  Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is out for a boat ride with his wife Louise (Randy Stuart) when he is exposed to a strange cloud filled with radioactive materials.  Later he is accidentally sprayed with pesticides and from then on he notices that he seems to be growing smaller.  Doctors scramble to find both the cause and the cure, but will they be able to stop Scott from shrinking in time?

Cinema Cat: Butch (played by screen veteran Orangey, an orange tabby) has a prominent role in the film as the Carey’s pet cat.

Incredible Shrinking Man cat Orangey as Butch

We see him interacting with both Scott and Louise throughout the film, up until the moment when Scott is surprised by an unexpected visit to the doll house where he is residing within the Carey’s home . . . Butch has managed to sneak back into the house before Louise goes out and becomes a very real threat to the miniscule Scott.

Incredible Shrinking Man cat Orangey as Butch at dollhouse door

This is truly one of the most memorable and iconic cat moments in film, especially in the science fiction / horror movie genre!

Incredible Shrinking Man cat Orangey as Butch basement door

Final Mewsings: When a cat comes calling at your dollhouse, don’t open the door!

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