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All Dead, All Dead (2017)

Music Artist: Queen
Directed by:  Jason Jameson & Robert Milne

Synopsis: Animated music video for the song All Dead, All Dead by Queen finds a tuxedo cat wandering through a strange world of circuits.

Cartoon Cat: The cat in this video journeys through this strange world as the lyrics to the song are shown.

All Dead, All Dead - tuxedo cat walking pasts circuits and bulbs

All Dead, All Dead - silhouette of tuxedo cat jumping across gears

One must watch until the end to understand the context of the video, which ties directly back to the album News of the World where the song originated.

All Dead, All Dead - tuxedo cat being caressed by lyrics

All Dead, All Dead - tuxedo cat riding gear down oil flume

The band explained, “The cat in the video is inspired by photos Brian showed us of his childhood pet [Pixie], and we hope it is also a fitting tribute to Freddie Mercury, who was devoted to his own cats.”

All Dead, All Dead - tuxedo cat looking out of round window

Final Mewsings: Cats miss us when we’re gone.

Many thanks to Elisabeth Riba for letting is know about this video!

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