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Once Upon a Crime (1992)

Once Upon a Crime poster

Dino De Laurentiis Company
 Richard Lewis, John Candy
Directed by: Eugene Levy

Synopsis: An odd ensemble of American tourists get caught up in an apparent murder in Monte Carlo.

Purr Blur: While looking around Madame Van Dougen’s estate, Julian Peters (Richard Lewis) takes a few steps backwards. A cat suddenly runs past and screeches in true spring-loaded cat fashion, startling him.

Once Upon a Crime - cat running behind legs

Later Augie Morosco (John Candy) is showing the police how he managed to sneak out of his wife’s room. Crossing over a precarious bridge between the hotel and a home he manages to get across and throws himself over the balcony. A cat cries out but is not seen.

Final Mewsings: Real life cats do so much more than just scare people!

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