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Cheese Chasers (1951)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: Charles M. Jones

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis:  Hubie and Bertie the mice break into a cheese factory and eat so much cheese they can’t stand it any more, so decide to end their lives by sacrificing themselves to a wary cat.

Cartoon Cat: Claude the cat is a recurring character who appeared in other shorts with the mouse duo and the bulldog. Here Claude is surprised when Hubie and Bertie climb into his mouth while he is sleeping. He awakens with a start.

Cheese Chasers - Hubie and Bertie mice approach sleeping cat Claude

Cheese Chasers - Hubie and Bertie climb inside the mouth of sleeping cat Claude

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude wakes up with a start

Claude rushes to a mirror to confirm the mice in his mouth and is thrilled at first. Then he starts to thinking something is not quite right (illustrated with a Something Rotten in Denmark thought balloon).

Cheese Chasers - Claude Cat looks in mirror to see Hubie and Bertie mice in his mouth

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude thinking there is something rotten in Denmark

Claude spits out the mice but they rush back into his mouth. At this point Clause assumes he must be dreaming and sticks himself with a pin, flying into the air and landing on his pillow.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude looking shocked

Cheese Chasers - Claude cat trying to pull Hubie and Bertie mice out of his mouth

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude prepares to stick himself with a pin

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude with face in pillow and eye looking out

But Claude is not dreaming and is stunned by the persistent mice.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude looking stunned

Cheese Chasers - Hubie and Bertie sitting on outstretched tongue of cat Claude

Trying to appease the rodents, Claude offers them some cheese and is even more disturbed when they respond with disgust.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude looking ill after offering cheese

At this point Claude is going crazy and consults a book of Mental Diseases, making himself a paper hat and taking a Napoleon stance.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude wearing paper hat and posed like Napoleon

Claude learns that a hobby can calm the nerves so he takes up building a ship in a bottle, only Claude is in the bottle!

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude building ship from inside bottle

Hubie and Bert break the bottle with a hammer and then hit Claude on the foot to make him mad. Claude forgets himself for a moment and eats the mice with a vengeance, then remembers the bizarre circumstances and spits the mice out before running away.

Cheese Chasers - Hubie and Bertie mice about to be eaten by angry cat Claude

Claude realizes that he will never be able to eat another mouse and decides to sacrifice himself to the bulldog.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude approaching bulldog in dog house

The bulldog is taken aback to find out the cat wants him to chew him to bits.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude wearing blindfold and smoke cigarette

Cheese Chasers - bulldog confronts cat Claude

On top of this, Hubie and Bertie appear and beg the cat to eat them, which the cat refuses.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude holding Hubie and Bertie mice away from him

Trying to sort all this out, the bulldog examines the whole situation, using an adding machine. But things just don’t add up and in the end the bulldog chases after a Dog Catcher’s truck while Claude chases the dog and the mice chase Claude.

Cheese Chasers - cat Claude sitting and holding an Exhibit C sign

Final Mewsings: Cats are suspicious of ulterior motives.

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