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Furies (1977)

Directed by: Sara Petty

Synopsis: The world of two cats is represented through a beautifully artistic prism.

Cartoon Cats: This stylized animated short is truly beautiful. Set to jazz music, the two cats go about their day: preening, playing and even fighting, in an ever-changing world of colors and shapes.

Furies - two cats sitting by window

Furies - two cats artistically drawn

Furies - two cats drawn in black and white

Winner of fourteen first place awards at international film festivals, this is simply one of the best animated films about cats ever.

Furies - abstract red cat drawn crouching

Furies - artistic cats sitting by window

To watch this animated short, please view on Vimeo.

Final Mewsings: Mewsings: Cats are truly works of art.

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