Cinema Cats is a tribute to the many feline film stars and kitty cameos seen throughout the history of film.

I come from a family of movie lovers. My father and I try to watch one movie every night when possible. Over the last five years or so, it has become a common occurrence for me to yell out “Kitty!” any time a cat appears on the screen. Many times I thought I should keep a list of all the movies that feature cats, even just briefly. This idea simply wouldn’t go away, and so after months of preparation I am proud to present this blog where film lovers and cat lovers can indulge their two passions in one place.

This blog will cover all genre of film from all around the world, spanning silent “flickers” to current releases. I have also decided to include notable cat appearances on television shows, both current and classic, as well as in animated movies, short films and even newsreels and documentaries.

This list of films and television shows featuring cats continues to expand with over 1,500 entries so far. I will continue to post at least one new entry a day, with several hundred more films and shows waiting to be watched and reviewed (and countless more yet to be discovered!) I hope I will include many of your favorites and perhaps you’ll discover some new favorite films (and felines) here as well!

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Some basics about the blog:

Cinema Cats focuses on film and television appearances by any member of Felis catus or, in layman’s terms, cats of the domestic variety.  We will not cover big cats in movies (our apologies to Leo, Clarence and Baby.)

Cats are not always treated well in movies, but we will cover all cat appearances, both good and bad.  If you are sensitive to violence against animals, we will provide a Kitty Carnage Warning whenever violence against a cat occurs (or if we feel the cat actor was mistreated during production.)

Images from films are used for illustrative purposes only.  We do not infer the rights to any images published from films or publicity material from studios.  If anything is posted on this site which you feel violates a copyright you own, please let us know immediately!