Television / Web Series –  R – S


     Cat’s Meow, The
Red Dwarf:
     End, The
Rifleman, The:
     Guilty Conscience
     Spiked Rifle, The
R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour:
     Cast, The
Rockford Files, The:
     Beamer’s Last Case
Route 66:
     Birdcage on My Foot
     Shadows of an Afternoon
Rules of Engagement:
     Cats & Dogs
     Dirty Talk


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch:
     Cat Showdown
     Girl and Her Cat, A
Saint, The
     Counterfeit Countess, The
     House on Dragon’s Rock, The
Saturday Night Live:
     Incredible Man, The
     Toonces the Driving Cat
Screen Directors Playhouse:
     My House
     Godfather, The
Space Riders: Division Earth
Sesame Street:
     Cat and Mouse Chase
     Doll House
     My Kitten
     Trying and Trying Again
     I Only Miss Her When I’m Breathing
     Summer Loving
Sherlock Holmes:
     Man with the Twisted Lip, The
Sister, Sister:
     Cheater, Cheater
Smurfs, The:
     Astrosmurf, The
Spirit of Christmas, The
Sopranos, The:
     Made in America
Star Trek:
     Assignment: Earth
Star Trek: The Next Generation:
     Data’s Day
     In Theory
Stranger Things:
     Chapter Three: Holly Jolly