Television / Web Series –  A – B


Adventures of Superman:
     Lucky Cat, The
     Looking for Lucky
Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
     Big Switch, The
     Fog Closing In
     Miss Paisley’s Cat
     Older Sister, The
     Orderly World of Mr. Appleby, The
     Out There – Darkness
     There Was an Old Woman
American Dad!:
     Choosy Wives Choose Smith
American Gods:
     Git Gone
     Head Full of Snow
Astro Boy:
     Mysterious Cat, The
Avengers, The:
     Hidden Tiger, The


Bachelor Father:
     The Richest Cat
Beverly Hillbillies, The:
     Another Neighbor
     Cat Burglar, The
     Clampetts Are Overdrawn, The
     Clampetts Go Fishing, The
     Elly’s Animals
     Jed Plays Solomon
     Jethro’s Friend
     Catnapper, The
     Cat’s Meow, The
     Eight Year Itch Witch, The
     Ling Ling
     Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?
Big Bang Theory, The:
     Zazzy Substitution, The
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures:
     Birds of a Feather …
Bionic Woman, The:
     Iron Ships and Dead Men
Blackadder Goes Forth:
     Captain Cook
Black Books:
     Travel Writer
     Drawing a Blank
     Mad Dog Returns
     Terminate Her
Bob’s Burgers:
     There’s No Business Like Mr. Business Business
Bodega, The:
     Curious Case of the Bodega Cat, The
     Bond in the Boot, The
     Mutilation of the Master Manipulator, The
Bosom Buddies:
     Only the Lonely
     On the Road to Monte Carlo
Brady Bunch, The:
     Honeymoon, The
     Law and Disorder
     Goring Oxes
     Wake Up Grassroots