Antonio Gaudi
Art Celebrities at Home (newsreel)
Atlantic ‘kon-Tiki’ Arrives
Beales of Grey Gardens, The
Beware the Slenderman
Black Cats (newsreel)
Cat and Bottle (newsreel)
Cat and Cock Robin (newsreel)
Cat and Duck Issue Title is Good Grounds
Cat and Mice (newsreel)
Cat and Monkey (newsreel)
Cat and the Mouse, The (newsreel)
Cat Artist (newsreel)
Cat Beautician (newsreel)
Cat Hotel (newsreel)
Cat Show
Cat Show 1930’s (newsreel)
Cat Show 1948 (newsreel)
Cat Show 1953 (newsreel)
Cat Show – Olympia (newsreel)
Cat’s Accessories (newsreel)
Cat Chicks (newsreel)
Cat Food (newsreel)
Cat Mothers Chick (newsreel)
Cat Village
Catching Cats (newsreel)
Cats! (newsreel)
Cats and Ducklings Issue Title (newsreel)
Cats Can Be Trained (newsreel)
Cats, Dogs, Mice and a Goldfish Go to Church
Cats’ Home (newsreel)
Caught by the Camera #63
Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness
Children’s Railway Home (newsreel)
Cinetopicalities in Brief No. 139 (newsreel)
Dachshund Village (newsreel)
Disaster Strikes
Finding Vivian Maier
Fire Accidents – Trailer (newsreel)
Four-Footed Prettiness (newsreel)
Frank and the Wondercat
Good Ol’ Freda
Grey Gardens
Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee
Hear and Now (Movietone)
High Speed Photography (newsreel)
Hoppity Hare (newsreel)
House Full of Snakes (newsreel)
Housing Problems
How to Let Go of the World and Love
         All the Things Climate Can’t Change
Ice Cream
Isle of Man
It’s a Cat’s Life
Jimmie Fidler’s Personality Parade
Jungle Cat
Just William
Kitten Carrier Bag
Lady With 700 Cats, The
Leader News, The – Volume 2, No. 4 (newsreel)
Leader News, The – Volume 3, No. 2 (newsreel)
Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn
Lion Loves Our Local (newsreel)
London Cat Show 1937 (newsreel)
L’univers de Jacques Demy
Mansion for Cats (newsreel)
Miniature Dachshund Pups (newsreel)
Mourning Turned Into Joy (newsreel)
Native Land
News Magazine of the Screen, Vol. 7, Issue 2
Not a Mouse in the House (newsreel)
Orchard Street
One Year Lease
Paintings That Live (newsreel)
Pigeon Gets a Medal, A (newsreel)
Pigeons (newsreel)
Private Life of a Cat, The
Protests Galore!
Pure and Simple (newsreel)
Pussy’s Glasses (newsreel)
Ramblin’ Freak
Sans Soleil
Somm 3
Somm Into the Bottle
Sorrow and the Pity, The
Squirrel Keeps Cat Company
Standard of Perfection: Show Cats, The
Stray Cat Village off Naples (newsreel)
That Guy Dick Miller
Third Reich: The Rise and Fall, The
Three Little Kittens
Turkish Van Cats Learn to Swim (newsreel)
Village Bakery
War Cabinet (newsreel)
We’re No Ordinary Cats (newsreel)
West of Memphis
When Work is Done
Who Killed Cock Robin? (newsreel)
World’s Biggest Cat (newsreel)
Would You Believe It? No. 7