Love Begins at Twenty (1936)

Warner Bros.
 Hugh Herbert, Dorothy Vaughan
Directed by: Frank McDonald

Synopsis: A screwball day in the life of Horatio Gillingwater (Hugh Herbert), a milquetoast husband who puts up with constant nagging from Evie, his wife (Dorothy Vaughan), but may finally grow a backbone in defense of his youngest daughter (Patricia Ellis).

Kitty Cameo: The film opens with Evie and Horatio waking up in the morning and immediately she nags him to get up and turn on the furnace.  As he goes downstairs we can hear kittens mewing.  Horatio stoops down near a cardboard box where a mother cat is sitting with her newborn kittens.

Love Begins at Twenty - Horatio Gillingwater Hugh Herbert stooped down to look at tabby cat Sue in box

Horatio congratulates the cat, whom he calls Sue.  Evie then knocks on the vent to get his attention and when he tells her about Sue having another batch of kittens she is angry and says they have to give Sue away.  Horatio comments that the kittens are cute but Evie is unmoved.  Sue and her kittens are not seen again after this.

Love Begins at Twenty - tabby cat Sue and kittens in cardboard box

Final Mewsings: Our advice: Lose the wife and keep the cats!

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