The Crooked Way (1949)

The Crooked Way DVD

Benedict Bogeaus Production
 John Payne, Percy Helton, Sonny Tufts, Ellen Drew
Directed by: Robert Florey

Synopsis: World War II veteran Eddie Rice (John Payne) is recuperating from a severe head injury in a San Francisco hospital after the war.  An inoperable piece of shrapnel in his brain has left him with amnesia.  After being discharged, he travels to Los Angeles, the location of his enlistment, to see if he can piece together any parts of his past.  His past quickly catches up with him when he learns he has connections with underworld criminals such as his former partner Vince (Sonny Tufts) whom he apparently turned state’s evidence against, and a former love interest (Ellen Drew).

Featured Feline: One of the people who works for Vince is a meek-mannered man named Petey (Percy Helton) who is very close with his cat companion, Sampson, a Maine Coon.

The Crooked Way - cat Sampson in box

The cat is seen early on when the character Petey is introduced, then plays a pivotal part near the end when Eddie and Petey are in a fight for their lives against Vince in Petey’s army surplus store.

The Crooked Way - Petey and cat Sampson

The Crooked Way - Eddie, Petey and cat Sampson

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t like gunfights which interfere with their sleeping and eating schedules.

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