Another You (1991)

Another You DVD

TriStar Pictures
 Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder
Directed by: Maurice Phillips

Synopsis: An ex-con named Eddie (Richard Pryor) is assigned to assist an ex-mental patient named George (Gene Wilder) to rehabilitate back into society but instead the pair are caught up in a con man’s scheme to pass George off as a millionaire.

Kitty Carnage Warning! In one scene Eddie is driving to a mansion to find George.  On the way he happens to hit some garbage cans, and as he does so a black cat goes flying up in the air from one of the cans.  This is a stuffed cat being projected into the air.

Another You - stuffed black cat flying up from garbage can

The cat is seen flying through the air briefly before landing and running away.

Another You - black cat flying through air

Another You - car hits garbage cans and send black cat flying through air animated gif

Final Mewsings: Even cats are caught up in the chaos of this crazy comedy.

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