The Black Room (1935)

The Black Room poster

Columbia Pictures Corporation
 Boris Karloff, Marian Marsh
Directed by: R. William Neill

Synopsis: Twin brothers Gregor and Anton de Berghman (both played by Boris Karloff) are born under a family prophesy which says the younger brother will kill the older in a mysterious black room which is sealed to keep the prediction from coming true.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): A short time into the film we see an inn or pub which has a black cat sign out front.  Inside a black cat is sitting on a table with a group of men.

The Black Room - black cat sitting on table with men in pub

The cat is extremely calm throughout the scene as one of the men pets him or her.

The Black Room - man petting black cat on table in pub

Even when Anton enters with a Great Dane named Thor the cat seems curious but nonplussed.

The Black Room - black cat on table in pub looking at man who entered

The cat continues to sit, often with its eyes closed, as the men talk about the new arrival.

The Black Room - black cat sitting on table surrounded by men in pub

The Black Room - closer of black cat on table with men in pub

Final Mewsings: This may have been the very first cat café!

Many thanks to Ted Davis for spotting this calm kitty for us!

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