Die furchtlosen Vier (1997)

The Fearless Four poster

English Title: The Fearless Four
Warner Bros.
 Oleta Adams, Mario Adorf, Hartmut Engler
Directed by: Michael Coldewey, Eberhard Junkersdorf, Jürgen Richter

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Loosely based on the Grimm Brothers tale of The Town Musicians of Bremen, a dog, a cat, a donkey and a rooster, all musically talented, band together to help expose a corrupt sausage manufacturer.

Cartoon Cats: The cat in the group is a Siamese named Gwendolyn (voiced by Oleta Adams), a housecat whose wealthy owner passes away, leaving her in danger from the woman’s greedy relatives.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat saddened at the loss of her mistress

Gwendolyn escapes the home and joins Buster the dog (voiced by Hartmut Engler), Fred the Donkey (voiced by Mario Adorf) and Tortellini the rooster (voiced by Joachim Kemmer).

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat Fred the donkey Buster the dog and Tortellini the rooster

Of all the animals Gwendolyn is the only female and is also the only one who plays an instrument, a mandolin which she carries with her.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat with mandolin

Eventually the band makes their way to Bremen where they are discovered and hired as commercial singers by an evil sausage manufacturer named Mix Max.  When the band realizes they are being exploited to help Mix Max sell more sausage (and kill more animals) they fight back.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat with others in background

In one scene Gwendolyn finds a mother cat and her kittens on the way to the sausage-making machines.  They use any and all animals in their sausage!

The Fearless Four - mother cat and kittens in container

After defeating the bad guys, Gwendolyn returns home and finds that her mistress’ jewels, which the greedy relatives were looking for, were there all along.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat looking up at portrait

Also Buster and Gwendolyn end up falling in love, despite the fact that Buster has bemoaned her being a cat through much of the film.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat and Buster the dog together

A couple of scenes were cut from the English version, one of which shows Gwendolyn seducing their Mix Max employer.  The other shows the animals imbibing after winning their freedom.

The Fearless Four - Gwendolyn the cat seducing Mix Max employer

Final Mewsings: Who says interspecies relationships can’t work?

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