Baby Brother (1927)

Our Gang Baby Brother poster

Hal Roach Studios
 Joe Cobb, Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins
Directed by: Robert A. McGowan

Synopsis: Joe (Joe Cobb) is a lonely rich boy who wants a baby brother and goes to the gang to procure just such a sibling.

Cat Cattle Call: Joe’s nanny takes him to her neighborhood to meet the Gang.  Joe brings a box of ice cream cones for them but when they open the box we see the ice cream has melted.  Earlier we had seen it melting as Joe walked down the sidewalk and the camera cuts back to show a cat licking ice cream from the pavement with others in the background.  The cat previously known as Tunney is front and center.

Our Gang - Baby Brother cat licking melted ice cream from sidewalk

The film then cuts to a wider shot to show a long line of cats licking ice cream off the sidewalk.

Our Gang - Baby Brother long line of cats licking melted ice cream from sidewalk

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t cry over spilled ice cream.

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