Before the Rain (1994)

Before the Rain poster

 Grégoire Colin, Katrin Cartlidge, Rade Serbedzija
Directed by: Milcho Manchevski

Synopsis: From Macedonia, this film includes three connected stories entitled “Words”, “Faces” and “Pictures” which illustrate how violence touches various lives.

Kitty Cameo: In a church in Macedonia, a calico cat is seen briefly as a man enters.

Before the Rain - calico cat under feet in church

Kitty Carnage Warning!  Some men are hunting a girl who is being hidden in the monastery.  One man is seen walking around the church as they look for the girl calling for the cats he hears meowing.  Eventually he spots a tuxedo cat on a nearby roof and shoots it numerous times.

Before the Rain - tuxedo cat on tiled roof

The scene is shocking and violent and looks horrifically real, but it is done with quick editing between the real cat (who can be clearly seen in one shot, albeit it appears to have been thrown or knocked over somehow in this shot, with blood in the same shot but not from the cat) and a fake cat.  There is even a “Cat Maker” listed in the final credits.

Before the Rain - fake tuxedo cat on tiled roof

Before the Rain - tuxedo cat off feet with chicken livers flying

Final Mewsings: Violence is horrible, be it against humans or animals.

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