Cold Turkey (1951)

Cold Turkey poster

Walt Disney Productions
Directed by:
 Charles Nichols

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Pluto and Milton see an advertisement for turkey on the television and set out to find one for themselves.

Cartoon Cat: Milton the cat co-stars with Pluto and this is just one of a few shorts in which Milton appeared with the famous cartoon canine.  This time Milton is living with Pluto in Mickey Mouse’s house, although Mickey does not appear.  Milton spots a turkey on television and points it out to Pluto.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat and Pluto dog in front of television

They drool over the turkey on the television screen but can’t figure out where it is.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat and Pluto dog drooling over turkey on television

The announcer states that there should be a Lurkey Turkey in every kitchen, so Pluto and Milton check their food bowls but find no turkey.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat and Pluto dog checking their food bowls

They search the kitchen and Milton sees an open cabinet above.  Milton directs Pluto to launch him up to it by flipping open the lid of the garbage can lid but that doesn’t go as planned.

Cold Turkey - Pluto dog prepares to launch Milton cat using garbage can lid

They finally find the turkey in the refrigerator and Milton becomes quite possessive.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat trying to scare Pluto dog away from refrigerator

Having stolen the turkey, Milton proceeds to cook it on a heating vent.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat cooking turkey on heating vent

Cold Turkey - Milton cat cooking turkey on heating vent animated gif

Pluto comes after Milton, who hides in the television set.  Pluto turns the set on and heats things up.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat getting hot with turkey inside television

In the end the turkey is burnt and then crumbles into ashes.

Cold Turkey - Milton cat and Pluto dog looking at burned turkey

Final Mewsings: If cats had their way every day would be Thanksgiving!

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