Housecats (1984)

Directed by: Peg McClure

Synopsis: An adorable animated film about two very different housecats; Squeak the lovable but clumsy tabby and Scratch, the suffering demure black cat.

Cartoon Cats: This short is simply a delight from beginning to end and the behavior of the two opposite housecats is immediately recognizable to those who live in two cat households.

Housecats - tabby cat Squeak jumping onto toaster as black cat Scratch watches

Squeak is always getting under Scratch’s fur at the worst time, like when Scratch is trying to take a nap . . .

Housecats - tabby cat Squeak throwing legs over black cat Scratch

. . . or drink out of the toilet bowl.

Housecats - tabby cat Squeak smiling at wet black cat Scratch on toilet

Scratch just wants peace and quiet but it seems impossible when Squeak is around.

Housecats - tabby cat Squeak running after ball and hitting remote with black cat Scratch on television set

In the end, Scratch knows Squeak loves him and cannot help himself.  They are a precious duo.

Housecats - tabby cat Squeak throws legs over black cat Scratch who resigns himself

Final Mewsings: Cats can learn to love one another; why can’t we?

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