Rage (1972)

Rage poster

Warner Bros.
 George C. Scott, Barnard Hughes
Directed by: George C. Scott

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Dan Logan (George C. Scott) is a Wyoming sheep rancher out camping on his property overnight with his son (Nicolas Beauvy) when they both fall victim to an accidental release of toxic gas from an Army experiment.

Featured Feline: In one scene we see Dr. Spencer (Barnard Hughes) of the Public Health Service waking up in the morning to a speculative story on the news.  An orange tabby cat is seen sleeping on the bed.

Rage - orange tabby cat sleeping on bed

Later in the film when Logan has learned that his son is dead and that someone is to blame he goes to Dr. Spencer’s house and holds the man at gunpoint.  As they walk through to the living room the cat is seen crossing the room in slow motion and then jumping up onto the back of a chair.

Rage - orange tabby cat about to get on coffee table

Rage - orange tabby cat getting up on back of chair

Rage - orange tabby cat sitting on back of chair

Logan does not see the cat as he starts to press Dr. Spencer for information.  Dr. Spencer refuses to talk and Logan gets rough with him.  At this point the cat rears onto its hind legs and yowls at Logan (the sound is dubbed in).

Rage - orange tabby cat standing up on hind legs on back of chair

Kitty Carnage Warning! Logan swings his rifle around and shoots the cat, which falls behind the chair.  Blood is splattered on the bookcase and curtains behind.  If you look at the shot frame-by-frame you can clearly see it is a fake cat being used.

Rage - fake orange tabby cat on back of chair

Final Mewsings: Anyone who shoots a cat puts me in a rage!

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