Cat Feud (1958)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: Chuck Jones

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Marc Antony the bulldog is distracted from his construction yard watchdog job by an adorable kitten and a thieving alley cat.

Cartoon Cats: Pussyfoot returns once again and is found after rolling from a garbage can in a bag.  It’s hard to believe anyone would throw such an adorable kitten away!

Cat Feud - Pussyfoot kitten looking up at Marc Antony bulldog

Pussyfoot quickly marks Marc Antony and wants to make friends.

Cat Feud - Pussyfoot kitten wiggles her tail in Marc Antony bulldog's mouth animated gif

Marc Antony tries to scare Pussyfoot by barking at her, but to no avail.

Cat Feud - Marc Antony bulldog barking at kitten Pussyfoot animated gif

The usual routine of Pussyfoot kneading Marc Antony’s back is played out.

Cat Feud - Pussyfoot kitten kneading Marc Antony's back

Marc Antony sets Pussyfoot down to sleep on a girder and gives her a sausage from his lunchpail.  He is rewarded with a kiss.

Cat Feud - Pussyfoot kitten kisses Marc Antony after getting sausage

About this time the yellow cat who is sometimes named Claude in these shorts shows up with his eye on the sausage prize.

Cat Feud - Claude cat licking lips

At least in this short Claude is more intent on stealing the sausage than hurting Pussyfoot, although the kitten’s welfare walking around high above the ground does not concern him.

Cat Feud - Claude cat working crane on construction site

Cat Feud - Claude cat sneaking on construction site

Cat Feud - Claude cat looking down at Pussyfoot kitten and sausage

Cat Feud - Claude cat about to eat sausage and Pussyfoot hissing

Kitty Carnage Warning! Once again Claude takes the brunt of the violence, although one can argue it is justly deserved since he is trying to steal Pussyfoot’s sausage.

Cat Feud - Claude cat getting beat up by Marc Antony bulldog

In the end Claude gets his comeuppance and Pussyfoot gets to knead Marc Antony’s back again.

Cat Feud - Claude cat hanging from handle of sledgehammer

Final Mewsings: Watch out when cats learn how to run construction equipment!

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