Practical Magic (1998)

Practical Magic DVD

DiNovi Pictures
 Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman
Directed by: Griffin Dunne

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) are sisters being raised by their aunts (Stockard Channing and Dianne Weist) as witches who have to deal with a family curse in which any man the women of the family fall in love with die sudden deaths.

Featured Feline: In the early scenes of the film we see the sisters as children (played by Camilla Belle and Lora Anne Criswell) and their aunts sitting around a picnic table outdoors.  A small black kitten is also on the table.

Practical Magic - black kitten on picnic table in front of Sally Camilla Belle

The kitten can also be seen on the kitchen table as the girls are practicing their magic spells.

Practical Magic - black kitten on kitchen table with Gillian Lora Anne Criswell and Dianne Wiest

Gillian is later seen holding the kitten as she approaches her sister who is casting a spell in an attempt to keep from falling in love.

Practical Magic - black kitten being carried by Gillian Lora Anne Criswell

Later in the film the sisters are grown and so is the kitten, who is now a black cat.  The cat is seen in the background of several scenes.

Practical Magic - black cat lying on table

The cat also hisses when the sisters drag Gillian’s ex-boyfriend (and we do mean EX-boyfriend) into the house.

Practical Magic - black cat hissing on stairs animated gif

Gillian is also seen holding the black cat close to the end of the movie.

Practical Magic - black cat held by Gillian Nicole Kidman

Final Mewsings: Black cats may be a witch’s familiar but that doesn’t mean they want to be an accomplice.

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