Mickey’s Circus (1927)

Larry Darmour Productions
 Mickey Rooney
Directed by: Albert Herman

Synopsis: In the first of the silent Mickey McGuire comedies starring Mickey Rooney, Mickey decides to set up his own circus to entertain the neighborhood kids.

Kitty Cameo: Apparently only a portion of this silent short film still exists.  As the scene opens, Mickey is sitting back and relaxing while a boy fans him.  The boy gets the idea to tie the fan to a dog’s tail instead.  A black cat is then seen hissing.

Mickey's Circus - black cat hissing

The cat then slips through (or is rather pulled through) a hole beneath a fence as the dog takes chase.

Mickey's Circus - black cat in hole beneath fence

Final Mewsings: Cats chased by dogs; one of Hollywood’s oldest film clichés.

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