It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)

It Always Rain on Sunday poster

Ealing Studios
 Googie Withers, Edward Chapman
Directed by: Robert Hamer

Synopsis: An escaped convict named Tommy Swann (John McCallum) shows up at the home of his former lover Rose (Googie Withers) who is now married and has a family.

Purr Blurs: In the opening scene a black cat is seen sitting in front of a gated pub.  A newspaper page is blowing across the sidewalk and hits the cat, who then moves on.

It Always Rains on Sunday - black cat sitting outside closed pub

A cat is referred to early in the film but only shows up a few times, mostly barely visible in the background.  In one scene when Rose goes outside to see Tommy the cat can just be seen through the birdcage as it climbs onto the fence.

It Always Rains on Sunday - black cat on fence behind birdcage

The cat is barely seen climbing onto the fence again through the window in another scene.  The cats in these background shots appears to be a long-haired black cat.

It Always Rains on Sunday - black cat on fence seen through window

Kitty Cameo:  A short-haired cat is suddenly inside the house sitting on the arm of a loveseat as Rose’s husband (Edward Chapman) sits down.  He pushes the cat off the arm of the chair.

It Always Rains on Sunday - black cat sitting on arm of chair beside Edward Chapman

It Always Rains on Sunday - Edward Chapman pushes black cat off arm of loveseat animated gif

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t like being pushed aside or stuck in the background.

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