Cat Village (1966)

British Pathé

Synopsis: The focus of this newsreel segment is a village built for stray cats in Heydon, near Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

Reality Cats: Several cats are seen living within the wired enclosure which is complete with tiny cat houses and other ammenities, such as milk, food, cat trees, swings, benches and a heated clubhouse.  Not to mention fresh straw!

Cat Village - kittens inside colorful little house

Cat Village - cats sleeping on top of little houses

Cat Village - black cat on cat tree

Cat Village - cat village in Heydon, England

Some of the cats are seen batting each other during meal time, revealing that this little cat paradise may not be a utopia but it was certainly better than scraping by on the streets.

Cat Village - cats fighting over milk

Cat Village - cats fighting over food

Final Mewsings: It’s Habitat for Felinity!

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