Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Returns DVD

Warner Bros.
 Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito
Directed by: Tim Burton

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: An unscrupulous businessman named Max Shreck (Christopher Walken) teams up with the Penguin (Danny DeVito) to carry out a plot to steal all of Gotham City’s power, unless Batman (Michael Keaton) can stop them despite interference or help from the mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Kitty Carnage Warning! At the beginning of the film the Penguin is born.  As a child he is portrayed as a vicious creature which is never seen but is obviously loathed by his parents.  In one shot the couple are looking at a small box in which the infant is enclosed.  A white cat is sniffing around outside the box.

Batman Returns - white cat sniffs around Penguin's cage

Suddenly a small deformed hand reaches out and grabs the cat’s tail, pulling it quickly inside the box.  It’s obvious in this shot the cat is fake.

Batman Returns - fake white cat pulled into Penguin's cage

Cat Cattle Call: Catwoman begins as a mild-mannered secretary named Selina Kyle who works for the nefarious Shreck.  She lives a lonely life with only a black cat named Miss Kitty as a loving friend.

Batman Returns - Seline Michelle Pfeiffer with black cat on counter

Unfortunately Selina accidentally uncovers the plans behind Shreck’s power-stealing scheme and he pushes her out a window to her death.  As she lies on the ground, cats appear from everywhere and surround her.  Reportedly tuna and a clicker were used to draw the cats who were released simultaneously from their kennels.

Batman Returns - Seline Michelle Pfeiffer with black cat licking her face

Batman Returns - Seline Michelle Pfeiffer on ground with cats all around her

Batman Returns - Orange cat chewing on Selina's bloody fingers

Selina wakes up suddenly.

Batman Returns - Seline Michelle Pfeiffer on ground opens eyes with cat beside her

Returning home, Selina is a changed person.  Cats begin to convene in her apartment.

Batman Returns - tabby cat enters Selina's apartment

Batman Returns - black cat in Selina's apartment

She sews together a cat suit and Catwoman is born.

Batman Returns - cats gather around window as Selina Michelle Pfeiffer sews outfit apartment

Batman Returns - cats around window with Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer

In one scene Catwoman meets with Penguin to scheme against Batman.  The black cat who was with her in the beginning of the film appears again in this scene.

Batman Returns - Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer with Penguin Danny DeVito and black cat on bed

Catwoman throws Penguin’s bird into her mouth and so Penguin threatens to kill her cat.  She quickly releases the bird.

Batman Returns - Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer opens mouth to release bird with Penguin Danny DeVito threatening black cat on bed

At the end of the film Bruce Wayne is being driven home by Alfred (Michael Gough) and he thinks he sees Catwoman.  He gets out of the car but only finds the black cat.

Batman Returns - Bruce Wayne Michael Keaton holding black cat in alley

Bruce Wayne returns to the car and they drive away, Bruce holding the cat on his lap.

Batman Returns - Bruce Wayne Michael Keaton holding black cat in back of car

Final Mewsings: Both cats and women are complicated creatures.

Many thanks to our friend T.j. Dotson for reminding us of this film!

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