All Roads Lead Home (2008)

All Roads Lead Home poster

Waldo West Productions
 Jason London, Vanessa Branch, Peter Boyle
Directed by: Dennis Fallon

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A young girl named Belle (Vivien Cardone) loses her mother in a car accident and her father Cody (Jason London) struggles to raise her while her maternal grandfather (Peter Coyote) loses his connection with them.

Kitty Cameos: Animals are one of the main themes of this film and although the action moves mostly around horses and a dog named Atticus, there are a few cats here and there.  A veterinarian named Lilian (Vanessa Branch) is one of the characters featured and in one scene she is talking to a man with a cat in the clinic.

All Roads Lead Home - man with cat talking to Lilian Vanessa Branch in veterinarian clinic

Another subplot involves a local animal shelter run by a man named Milo (Patton Oswalt) who tells the animal control workers, one of whom is Cody, that he has no room for a large group of cats rescued from a woman’s home.  The cats are seen in cages in the back of the truck in one scene, although they cannot be seen in the cages in other scenes and may not have been used when not necessary.

All Roads Lead Home - cats in cages inside animal control truck

Cody takes the cats to a room in a hotel run by a man named Poovey (Peter Boyle).  In one scene Cody returns a cat named Linus to Poovey at the front desk.

All Roads Lead Home - Cody Jason London returns cat Linus to Poovey Peter Boyle

Poovey is happy to be reunited with Linus and comments that while most cats have nine lives, Linus must have twelve.  “I ran over him twice myself,” Poovey adds.

All Roads Lead Home - Cody Jason London returns cat Linus to Poovey Peter Boyle closer shot

Final Mewsings: No wonder Linus ran away if Poovey kept running him over!

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