Allegro Non Troppo (1976)

Allegro Non Troppo DVD

Bruno Bozzetto Film
 Maurizio Nichetti, Maurizio Micheli, Néstor Garay, Marialuisa Giovannini
Directed by: Bruno Bozzetto

Synopsis: This beautifully designed and hilarious spoof of Disney’s Fantasia is considered by many to be Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto’s magnum opus.  Between the animated segments set to classical music is live action footage showing the supposed creation of the film by a presumptuous and enthusiastic narrator (Maurizio Micheli), a sadistic and brutish maestro (Néstor Garay), an orchestra made up of feeble old ladies, a beautiful cleaning girl (Marialuisa Giovannini) and the clever but perpetually tortured lone animator (Maurizio Nichetti.)

Cinema Cat: All of the musical animated segments are brilliant, but the rendering of Sibelius’ sad waltz, Valse Triste, just after the halfway mark of the film is a particular fan favorite.  The focus of the piece is a sad, scared cat wandering the ruins of a building.  We won’t give away anything more about the segment, you simply need to see it for yourself.

Allegro Non Troppo - Valse Triste

Kitty Cameo: There is also an animated white cat which appears during one of the Finale segments of the film, being chased by a mouse with a knife and coming to a bad end.

Allegro Non Troppo - Finale

Final Mewsings: A sad cat can break your heart.

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