Seaside Woman (1980)

Music Artist: Linda McCartney and Wings (aka Suzy and the Red Stripes)

Directed by:  Oscar Grillo

Synopsis: A loving depiction of a Jamaican family; the fisherman father, working mother and their little girl.  Won the Short Film Palme d’Or at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival.

Cartoon Cat: This delightful film really brings Linda McCartney’s song to life.  The little girl occupies herself along the seashore as her Mama works fixing the nets for her father.  Near the middle of the short the girl is looking at a couple of fish in a bowl.  A black cat pops up and licks its lips.

Seaside Woman - black cat pops up to look at girl with fish

Seaside Woman - black cat licking lips

The cat (with a bandage on its tail) chases the girl to the pier and runs out after her.

Seaside Woman - black cat running on pier animated gif

Much to the cat’s surprise, the girl dumps the fish into the ocean, giving them their freedom.

Seaside Woman - black cat on pier looking up at girl with fish

The cat then chases the girl through the trees to her home in a neat piece of stylistic black and white animation.

Seaside Woman - black cat running through trees animated gif

The girl hides from the cat, who looks around in confusion.

Seaside Woman - black cat looking confused

She then reveals herself and they are joyfully reunited.

Seaside Woman - black cat and girl reunited

Final Mewsings: Seaside cats are adventurous and loving.

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