Pussy’s Glasses (1930)

British Pathé

Synopsis: A silent newsreel clip supposedly showing near-sighted cats being fitted with glasses.

Reality Cats: It’s amazing to think that in the 1930’s someone was actually concerned with the problem of near-sighted cats.  But at least one optician was purportedly devoting himself to the cause.  He first examines the tabby cat’s eyes.

Pussy's Glasses - optician examines cat's eyes

Then he fits the tabby with a pair of tiny spectacles, making the cat look like a feline version of John Lennon.  Of course these look more like sunglasses so it’s unclear if the lenses have any prescription to them.

Pussy's Glasses - tabby cat wearing round sunglasses

Another unfortunate tabby is fitted with goggles, turning him into steampunk cat!

Pussy's Glasses - tabby cats wearing round sunglasses and goggles

Final Mewsings: Maybe Cassandra Cat started this way!

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