The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955)

The Beast with a Million Eyes poster

San Mateo Productions
 Paul Birch, Lorna Thayer, Chester Conklin
Directed by: David Kramarsky

Synopsis: A family living on a date farm in the middle of a desert find themselves threatened by an unknown entity which is pitting the animal world against them.

Purr Blur: The neighbor of the family is named Ben Webber and is played by the silent film comedian Chester Conklin.  In one scene Ben exits his house.  A cat exits the home ahead of him and then walks away.

The Beast with a Million Eyes - cat walks out of house

The cat is only seen for this brief moment and then does not play into the story again in any way.

The Beast with a Million Eyes - cat walks off screen

Final Mewsings: Cats prefer to sit out the animal revolution.

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