Xiong mao (1987)

Xiong mao Evil Cat DVD

English Title: Evil Cat
Dennis Yu Film Production Company Ltd.
 Yue-Yu Chen, Mark Cheng, Chia-Liang Liu
Directed by: Dennis Yu

Synopsis: Comedy horror film in which an ancient evil cat spirit escapes from captivity and runs amok unless the man destined to banish it forever can train a new protégé.

Kitty Cameo: Despite the film’s title the Evil Cat is never truly in the shape of a cat apart from some quick animation showing it flying from body to body in spirit form.

Xiong mao Evil Cat - animation of cat demon in spirit form

There is only one true cat in the film that shows up for no discernable reason.  A famous singing star is seen leaving his recording session and walks down the stairs to the front door where a group of fans have gathered.  A small gray cat is seen sitting on the banister above the stairs and meows, although the evil cat spirit does not seem to be inside the cat at the time.

Xiong mao Evil Cat - small gray cat sitting on banister

Final Mewsings: Demons that impersonate cats truly are evil.

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