Circus Fever (1925)

Hal Roach Studios
 Mickey Daniels, Jackie Condon
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: Mickey, Jackie and Joe come up with a scheme, pretending to be sick so they can skip school and go to the circus instead.

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): Early in the short Mickey is seen washing his baby brother in a washtub on the floor of a bedroom as Jackie and another sibling jump up and down on the bed.  Mickey sets the wet sponge down on the floor and several kittens approach it, sniffing at it with curiosity.

Our Gang - Circus Fever - kittens on floor of bedroom by sponge

Kitty Carnage Warning! When Mickey reaches for the sponge he accidentally picks up a tabby kitten.

Our Gang - Circus Fever - Mickey grabs tabby kitten instead of sponge

Not realizing his mistake, Mickey actually dunks the kitten into the soapy water for a moment then lifts it out.  It isn’t until he’s about to scrub the baby again does he notice his mistake.

Our Gang - Circus Fever - Mickey dunks kitten into soapy water animated gif

Fortunately the kitten seems to be okay.  The kittens are seen on the floor throughout the rest of the scene.

Our Gang - Circus Fever - kittens still on floor of bedroom

Final Mewsings: Kittens are not made for dunking.

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