Great Expectations (1998)

Great Expectations poster

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
 Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow
Directed by: Alfonso Cuaró

Synopsis: A modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel.  Artist Finnegan Bell (Ethan Hawke) recounts his early life and encounters with an escaped criminal (Robert De Niro), a stranger spinster and her beautiful niece (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Kitty Cameo: The opening scenes of the film are set in Florida with a large dilapidated mansion being the home of Ms. Dinsmoor (Anne Bancroft), this film’s version of Ms. Havisham.  The elderly woman lives in the ruins of her old house with a parrot and at least one cat, a tabby Maine Coon which is first seen sitting on a chair as she leads Finn (played as a child by Jeremy James Kissner) into her room.

Great Expectations - Ms. Dinsmoor and Finn approach Maine Coon cat on chair

Ms. Dinsmoor pushes the cat off the chair and sits down.  Later she is seated with the cat on her lap.

Great Expectations - Ms. Dinsmoor Anne Bancroft with Maine Coon cat on lap

When Finn joins her, the cat starts fidgeting.  She unceremoniously drops the cat to the floor.

Great Expectations - Ms. Dinsmoor Anne Bancroft lifts Maine Coon cat from lap

The cat is seen walking between the chairs in which Finn, Ms. Dinsmoor and her niece, Estella (played as a child by Raquel Beaudene) are sitting.  The cat is not seen again after this scene.

Great Expectations - Maine Coon cat on floor between Ms. Dinsmore Anne Bancroft, Finn and Estella

Final Mewsings: Reclusive older women choose to live with cats, not the other way around.

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