The Super Cops (1974)

The Super Cops poster

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
 Ron Leibman, David Selby, Sheila Frazier
Directed by: Gordon Parks

Synopsis: Based on real-life police officers David Greenberg (Ron Leibman) and Robert Hantz (David Selby) who worked outside the system to bust crime in New York.

Kitty Cameo: One of Greenberg’s informants is prostitute Sara (Sheila Frazier).  In one scene he visits her home and she is lying on her bed.  Lying on a pillow next to her is a white cat.

The Super Cops - white cat lying on pillow next to Sara Sheila Frazier

The cat sits at her side as she warns Greenberg about an imminent threat to his life.

The Super Cops - white cat still lying on pillow next to Sara Sheila Frazier

Greenberg has brought a gift which he sets down.  Sara rolls over and the cat sniffs at the wrapped box and then walks off.

The Super Cops - white cat sniffs at present Greenburg holds out to Sara Sheila Frazier

Final Mewsings: Cats assume all presents are for them.

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