The Lady With 700 Cats (2011)

Painless Productions
Narrated by:
Jane Lynch

Synopsis: A fascinating documentary about Lynea Lattanzio, a woman whose made it her mission to save as many cats as possible with California’s largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, The Cat House on the Kings, located near Fresno.  Lynea’s is an inspiring and fascinating story well worth watching and sharing.

Featured Felines: With over 700 cats at the shelter, there’s no lack of cats in this special.  Some of their stories will inspire you, some will break your hearts.  But this documentary really goes a long way to prove that every cat has their own story and every cat has a life which is worth saving.

The Lady With 700 Cats

Final Mewsings: A brave woman on a seemingly overwhelming mission . . . we have nothing but the highest respect for Lynea and her mission.

You can view this documentary online by visiting the National Geographic website

Click here to visit The Cat House on the Kings website

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