Aqua (2012)

Directed by: Gints Zilbalodis

Synopsis: The tale of a cat who is caught in a world of water and needs to adapt to survive.

Cartoon Cat: Words can’t adequately express this amazing film, it needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Aqua - cat at top of tree surrounded by water

This beautiful short was the creation of then 17-year-old Gints Zilbalodis from Latvia with the musical score provided by his friend Bertrams Pauls Purviskis.  Gints’ animation of the cat is incredible and spot-on.  Fabulous work, plain and simple.

Aqua - cat on prow of rowboat looking out across water

Aqua - cat looking over side of boat with starry sky in background

Final Mewsings: Cats can overcome all obstacles.

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