Flirting with Disaster (1996)

Flirting with Disaster DVD

 Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Charlet Oberly
Directed by: David O. Russell

Synopsis: Mel Coplin (Ben Stiller) and his wife (Patricia Arquette) and baby travel across country to meet with his birth parents, only to encounter bizarre problems at every turn.

Kitty Cameo: At one point the couple and a student psychologist working for the adoption agency (Téa Leoni) end up in a bed and breakfast for the night.  As Mel feared, it is run by an elderly woman who regales them with stories, not to mention her tuxedo cat.  Mel kicks toward the cat, which hisses at him.

Flirting with Disaster - tuxedo cat hisses at Ben Stiller's foot

Later the landlady catches Mel using her phone after 8:00 p.m.  She is carrying her cat with her when she enters the room.

Flirting with Disaster - bed and bath lady carrying tuxedo cat into kitchen with Ben Stiller

She sets the cat down and when Mel leaves the cat is just around the corner and hisses at him again (off screen) as he passes.

Flirting with Disaster - tuxedo cat tail seen as Ben Stiller leaves kitchen

Final Mewsings: Cats know when people don’t like them.

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