Asleep in the Deep (2015)

Music Artist: Mastadon

Synopsis: A cat enters an underground realm, is worshipped, and then helps to bring about freedom for strange underground beings.

Featured Feline: This video stars cat actor Skye as the kitty in question who is seen going out in the beginning of the video.

Asleep in the Deep - Mastadon - Skye cat on rocker's chest

The cat enters a strange underground realm where odd beings dressed like cats make offerings of milk.

Asleep in the Deep - Mastadon - Skye cat with underground creatures

After coming in contact with a strange, glowing orb, the cat turns into a weird puppet cat and then things get really strange.

Asleep in the Deep - Mastadon - Skye cat as puppet

At the end of the video the puppet turns back into the cat and the cat returns home.

Asleep in the Deep - Mastadon - Skye cat walking down street

Skye’s owner and trainers, Tracy Sargent and Jenn Gagne, work for Star K9.

Asleep in the Deep - Mastadon - extreme close up of Skye cat

Final Mewsings: You have no idea what your cats get up to when they go out.

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