Barn Animals (circa 1940’s)

Synopsis: 35mm footage of various barn animals in natural and posed positions.  It’s not clear if this was intended as stock footage or for a specific film.

Reality Cats: This reel of uncut stock footage includes several shots of a mama tabby cat.

Barn Animals - tabby cat coming out from beneath bed

The cat appears from beneath a bed to fetch her kittens.  Oddly enough the mama cat appears to be pregnant again?

Barn Animals - tabby cat mama carrying kitten

We watch as the mama cat carries each of the kittens to a safe place, preferably away from the cameras.  The kittens are so small their eyes aren’t even open.

Barn Animals - group of tiny kittens

Barn Animals - mama cat comes to get kittens

In another segment the filmmakers are seen placing the cat on a board, which she barely tolerates.  The poor cat is clearly nervous about being staged and having her kittens moved around.  At least they did not try to manipulate the cat’s ears with wires as they did some of the other animals in the footage.

Barn Animals - mama tabby cat being posed on board

Barn Animals - mama tabby cat hisses on board

Final Mewsings: Mama cats barely tolerate filmmakers.

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