Cat-Man-Do (2008)

Simon’s Cat Ltd.
Directed by:
 Simon Tofield

Synopsis: A hungry cat repeatedly tries to get his owner to get up out of bed and feed him, finally resorting to extreme measures.

Cinema Cat: This is the short film that launched Simon’s Cat, soon after to become an internet phenomenon.  Simon Tofield is a British animator who based the story on his own cat named Hugh trying to wake him up in the morning.

Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat looking at Simon in bed

Tofield uses all of his pet cats as examples for his work and the number of Simon’s Cat shorts continue to increase, much to the delight of cat lovers around the world.

Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat sitting on top of Simon in bed

It’s clear that Tofield loves and appreciates cats and he and his team are extremely successful at capturing cat scenarios which all cat owners can appreciate and recognize.

Cat Man Do - Simon's Cat stretching on Simon's bed

Final Mewsings: And a new Cinema Cat was born!

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