I bastardi (1968)

The Bastard poster

Also Known As: The Cats, The Bastard, Sons of Satan
Ultra Film
 Rita Hayworth, Giuliano Gemma, Klaus Kinski
Directed by: Duccio Tessari

Synopsis: Jason (Guiliano Gemma) finds himself at odds with his co-criminal stepbrother Adam (Klaus Kinski), much to the dismay of their doting mother Martha (Rita Hayworth).

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): One of the alternative titles for this film is The Cats.  The title likely refers not only to the way the boys’ mother calls them her kittens and pampers them like a mother cat but the fact that she has a bunch of cats in her home as well.  A sound effect of kittens mewing is dubbed in whenever the cats appear.

The Bastard - cats sitting on couch with Martha Rita Hayworth

The cats are seen in various scenes, usually sitting on her couch.

The Bastard - cats sitting on couch by dinner table

There are two standout kittens.  One is sitting inside a cabinet when Jason approaches and offers his fingers for the kitten to play with.

The Bastard - Jason Guiliano Gemma playing with tabby kitten in cabinet

But the award for Cutest Grindhouse Movie Kitten Ever goes to the tiny tuxedo kitten who is seen in the middle of the living room.

The Bastard - tuxedo kitten in middle of living room floor

Martha calls to the kitten, who is trying to get up the step.  Too adorable!

The Bastard - tuxedo kitten trying to get up step

The Bastard - tuxedo kitten trying to get up step animated gif

Final Mewsings: Kittens make the best thieves, stealing our hearts!

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