Border Radio (1987)

Border Radio DVD

Coyote Productions
 Chris D., Chris Shearer, Luanna Anders
Directed by: Allison Anders, Dean Lent, Kurt Voss

Synopsis: Punk musicians steal money owed to them from a crooked club boss and the lead singer Jeff (Chris D.) takes it on the lam, leaving his wife Lu (Luanna Anders), daughter (Devon Anders) and bandmates behind.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): This low-budget film exemplifies the difficulty in trying to involve a non-professional cat actor for even the smallest of roles.  Lu is at home when one of Jeff’s bandmates, Chris (Chris Shearer) shows up unexpectedly and with a cat.

Border Radio - Chris approaches door with cat

When Lu scolds Chris for scaring her, he holds the cat up and talks for him in a silly voice.

Border Radio - Lu and cat held up

Chris says the cat is a present and holds it through much of the scenes, not very carefully.

Border Radio - Chris holding cat out to Lu

Border Radio - Chris holding cat to Lu with one hand

The impromptu cat actor doesn’t tolerate this for very long and claws at the actor, who wisely puts him down.  But a few moments later Chris picks up the cat again, acting as if he is going to leave.  At this point the actor is waving his arm around and still holding the cat incorrectly.  This time the cat is having none of it and solidly hooks Chris’ arm with his claws.

Border Radio - cat turning on Chris with claws

Chris cringes and drops the cat roughly.  At this point the actors carry on the scene, although it’s clear Chris is in pain and Luanne is trying very hard not to laugh.

Final Mewsings: Even low budget films should hire professional cats.

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