Caught by the Camera #63 (1935)

British Pathé

Synopsis: A boat is used as the roof of a house in Grey’s End; Ms. Smith is seen playing with her pet donkey; a man is seen riding a bull in Persia; a cat acts as a foster mother for a litter of puppies.

Reality Cat: The cat in question is a tabby who fosters a litter of small puppies being raised by their own mother as well.

Caught by the Camera #63 - tabby cat acts as foster mother to litter of puppies

The narrator explains that the cat seems concerned when one of the puppies is taken away.

Caught by the Camera #63 - tabby cat sits up when puppy is taken away

The cat seems very content with the puppies, who are lucky to have two loving and caring moms.

Caught by the Camera #63 - tabby cat mother with basket of puppies

Final Mewsings: When it comes to love, cat mothers don’t discrimminate.

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